The Memorable Discord Logo: Meaning And Evolution Since 2015 (2023)

Launched in 2015 in the United States, Discord is an online messenger which is extremely popular among gamers. The interesting look of the Discord logo is a subject of discussion among the gaming community because of its unique shape and the use of various design elements.

The world has taken a gigantic leap forward in terms of technology. From various social networking sites to artificial intelligence to augmented reality, the unbelievable technological development defines the world today. Talking of social networking sites, Discord is an instant messaging platform that is loaded with an array of features. We will explore what Discord is all about in the next section, but first, let us quickly look at some facts and figures.

According to Backlinko, Discord is growing at a rapid pace. As per the SEO training site, the online messenger has over 140 million monthly active users (MAUs). In 2019, the platform had a little over 50 million MAUs. The increased MAUs suggest that the platform has appealed to users outside the gaming community.

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Discord, a company worth $7 billion as of December 2020, is growing at a healthy rate. While it is true that the digital distribution platform did not have a proper revenue model in place in its early years, it has now become a major platform for developers to publish their games.

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A brief history of Discord

Jason Citron, the founder of OpenFeint, a social media platform for mobile games, and Stanislav Vishnevsky, founder of another social gaming app, conceptualized Discord. After selling OpenFeint to GREE, Citron founded Hammer & Chisel.

After the failure of its first product, Fates Forever, the first MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena), Citron decided to develop a chat service. This led to the birth of Discord.

Business incubator, a company that helps start-ups grow by training and funding them, along with Tencent and Benchmark, provided the required funding to develop Discord before releasing it in 2015.

Today, leading companies are looking to buy Discord. According to a Wall Street Journal report, Microsoft was in talks with Discord to strike a deal; however, the chat start-up decided to stay independent.

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The meaning of Discord logo icon

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The company describes itself as a “playful and fun brand” that does not believe in taking itself “too seriously.” The Discord icon reflects what the brand claims to be. As the chat start-up is rapidly transitioning towards a broader audience, will the brand icon and the claims it makes about itself remain intact? Only time will tell, but for now, let us explore what the fun-looking Discord logo symbolizes.

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The Discord icon, lovingly called “Clyde,” looks like a crab at the first instance. However, once you look at it carefully you can see a gaming controller. The two white circles that resemble the eyes are the two buttons of the controller.

While Discord has never revealed what the logo actually means, several users and communities have made their interpretations about what the icon could actually symbolize.

We at DesignBro feel that the Discord logo is a well-designed icon, which truly reflects the fun and playfulness of the brand.

A logo design is among the first things that customers and potential buyers see. A good logo immediately establishes a connection with the audience and communicates the key personality of the brand.

Discord, it seems, has chosen to remain silent about the meaning of its logo. Logo shapes convey various meanings; however, when a company chooses to remain silent about the symbolism of their emblem, it only means it is a part of their brand guidelines.

From Mickey Mouse’s pants to a leaping frog, users have interpreted the Discord logo in many different ways.

The evolution of Discord logo

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The Discord icon has been changed twice since its inception. The chart start-up reimagined its logo in 2021 during its sixth birthday.

2015 – 2021

The chat app’s original logo consists of two parts: the emblem and the wordmark. Clyde can be seen within a blue square chatbox with rounded edges. The 2015 version of Clyde has blue eyes that represent joysticks. Another unique feature of Clyde that has remained unchanged even in the 2021 version is its curved grips. The slightly arched grips of the controller (Clyde) resemble a smile.

The Discord wordmark to the left of the emblem has been carefully placed and looks aesthetically pleasing. The space between the wordmark and the emblem looks perfect. The futuristic logo design set the chat start-up apart from its competition.

2021 – Present

The chat app partially modified its logo in 2021. The change was made to announce the brand’s intention of expanding beyond gaming. The present version of Clyde can change expressions every time the app is launched.

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Another significant change made to the Discord icon is the use of a custom font called “Ginto.” The font was tailor-made to capture the playfulness of Clyde.

The other noticeable changes are the following:

  • Clyde’s eyes are white
  • The chatbox has been removed
  • The logo has become purple

Discord logo typography

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The Discord logo has been executed using a customized sans-serif typeface. “Ginto,” the customized typeface, appears to have been inspired by Compose Black or Uni Sans Heavy. The customized typeface appears perfect for Clyde as it is aligned with the cheerfulness of his character.

Discord logo colors

The colors used in the Discord logo are the following:

  • White – HEX: #FFFFFF, CMYK: 0, 0, 0, 0
  • Blurple – HEX: #5865F2, CMYK 56, 43, 0, 0
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Blurple is a mix of blue and purple that evokes tranquility and professionalism, whereas white symbolizes purity and class; however, when the colors are used on Clyde, they portray cheerfulness and joy.

Interesting readRGB vs. CMYK: what’s the difference?

What makes the Discord icon work?

Discord, a company still in its early stage, can truly brag about its name and logo. The word is generally used to signify disagreement and lack of musical harmony. However, the word fits beautifully for the company. The word “discord” could imply the ability of a user to chat and share files while still playing games. Discord, in that sense, would be the ability to connect without the use of “cords.”

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While the brand can brag about various design elements that work in harmony in the Discord logo, what really sets the icon apart from its competition is its award-winning mascot. Clyde steals the show every time someone looks at the Discord logo. The funny mascot makes the brand approachable and encourages new users to try the platform.

A brand mascot has the power to communicate the most complex messages in an uncomplicated way. Top brands such as Pringles and KFC have used their mascots in their logos to connect with the audience at a deeper level.

What is different about the Discord logo?

The greatest logos have many things in common that set them apart from the competition. Be it the passionate Coca-Cola wordmark or the hidden arrow within the FedEx emblem, iconic logos have a uniqueness about them. The following points make the Discord logo different and can also be found in some of the best emblems:

  • Relevant
  • Simple
  • Memorable
  • Timeless

Relevant: One of the main qualities of a great logo is its relevance. What do I mean by a relevant logo? A logo that highlights the fundamental personality of a brand and successfully communicates its identity is considered a relevant logo. Such a logo is also appropriate to the market its brand targets.

While it is true that Discord is making an attempt to reach a wider market segment, its primary target audience remains teens, young adults, and the online gaming community. The Discord logo is extremely relevant to the market its company targets. Plus, it highlights the key personalities of the brand to its target audience.

Simple: If you are looking to connect your customers and potential buyers at a deeper level, you should opt for a simple logo design. Simple logos are easy to remember and have the ability to express a brand’s personality effectively.

Graphic designers with years of experience use various methods to create a simple-looking logo that can summarize a brand’s essence through its visual identity. Creating a simple-looking logo is not that simple after all!

The simplicity and playfulness of Clyde connect with the audience immediately. The Discord logo draws the attention of the viewers and literally forces them to click on the app. Just like many iconic logos, the Discord icon is simple and impactful.

Memorable: Studies show that the human brain simplifies complex reality and retains only important information. The brain also looks at objects as a whole rather than pieces that make them—the reason uncomplicated designs are easily absorbed and retained by the cerebrum.

Minimal logos, such as Nike and Apple, are the best examples of symbols that are uncomplicated and impactful. Such logos stick in the customers’ minds and generate interest in the brand.

The Discord logo is made of the brand mascot and the wordmark. The combination of the two makes the logo memorable. The Discord icon never fails to generate the interest of the users because of its uniqueness.

Timeless: A Logo that remains relevant even after years have passed is a timeless piece of art. A company should strive to create a timeless logo because of the following reasons:

  • It saves the company from redesigning the logo every year.
  • A timeless logo will foster the brand image.
  • It will make the company look stable and dependable.

Mentioned below are some ways to create a timeless logo.

  • Avoid following design trends.
  • Remove design elements that clutter your logo.
  • Strive to be unique.
  • Use colors and symbols that align with the mission of your brand.

The Discord logo has all the qualities of a timeless logo. However, it is still early to call it a timeless emblem.

Final thoughts on Discord logo,

The Discord logo is a combination of various design elements coming together in harmony to communicate the brand personality. The interesting-looking Discord wordmark has a crazy vibe about it, whereas Clyde never seizes to amaze the audience with its ever-changing expressions. The Discord logo is a true masterpiece!

Businesses accross the world have consulted DesignBro to build their brand with logo, website, packaging design and much more.

We can help you too!

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What is the meaning of Discord logo? ›

Discord's logo represents a game controller with a face. But according to its Twitter account, it's actually a friendly bot named Clyde. "The Discord logo is named Clyde! ^_^… " Clyde is a "bot" integrated into Discord notifying you if you are attempting to do unsupported operations.

What was the Discord logo in 2015? ›

2015—The Original Discord Mascot Logo

Its first part is a blue square with rounded edges: The shape looks like a dialogue cloud in the sky. Inside the blue background is a stylized abstract white object. It has two blue eyes, hands, and short antennas. The complete image looks like a smiling crab.

What was the old Discord logo? ›

The old Discord logo featured a white, stylized “D” on a blue-purple gradient background. The font used in the logo was custom-made for Discord and was a bold, all-caps typeface. The logo and font were unique and recognizable, and many users associated them with the platform.

When was Discord logo change? ›


On May 13, 2021, Discord officially announced its new logo on its 6th birthday livestream.

What is the original meaning of Discord? ›

"disagreement," from Latin discordia, from discors (genitive discordis) "disagreeing, disagreement," from dis- "apart" (see dis-) + cor (genitive cordis) "heart," from PIE root *kerd- "heart."

What is the full explanation of Discord? ›

Discord is a free communications app that lets you share voice, video, and text chat with friends, game communities, and developers.

Was Discord a thing in 2015? ›

So, in 2015, Stan and Jason started to bring Discord to life. People from all over the world loved it. Discord made it easy to genuinely communicate with friends, going beyond casual talking. Friends were staying in touch with their various communities.

Is the Discord logo smiling? ›

Within the chat box shape sits a smiling face, that at first glance looks like a crab. When you look closer, you can see this resembles a gaming controller, which the company has named Clyde. Together, this icon represents how gamers can communicate with fellow gamers within Discord.

Why did Discord change its logo? ›

Why Discord Changed Its Logo. Besides celebrating its birthday, Discord has practical reasons for updating its logo. For one, the company noticed that the logo's old antennas didn't show particularly well when the logo was printed on certain materials, especially on smaller formats.

Why is Discord logo purple? ›

Yep, it has confirmed that it's a colour that doesn't actually exist (thanks, Discord). The chat service has confirmed that the ambiguous shade is "definitely close to our hearts," and over on the Discord website, it has described 'Blurple' as, "bold and playful".

Did Discord change its logo? ›

The new Discord logo design changed the look of both Clyde, as well as the brand wordmark. Gone was the speech bubble outline around the character. Instead, a blue-purple (Blurple) Clyde graced the design of the logo. The new wordmark spelled the name of the company, using a modified new font and design style.

How much is Discord logo? ›

The Discord server logo is completely free to use on your website, social media, business cards, and other materials.

Why is the Discord logo blue? ›

Discord logo colors

Blurple and White: the official colors of Discord. Blurple is a mix of blue and purple that evokes tranquility and professionalism, whereas white symbolizes purity and class; however, when the colors are used on Clyde, they portray cheerfulness and joy.

How old is Discord now? ›

Screenshot Screenshot depicting Discord's home screen in 2023
Developer(s)Discord Inc.
Initial releaseMay 13, 2015
Repositorydiscord on GitHub
Written inClient: JavaScript (with React) Server: Elixir, Python, Rust, C++
8 more rows

What is the circle on the Discord logo? ›

Simply put, the dot is a notification that you have unread messages. If you're currently not on the Discord application window and someone messages you, this will alert you that you have a message.

Why is the Discord logo purple? ›

Yep, it has confirmed that it's a colour that doesn't actually exist (thanks, Discord). The chat service has confirmed that the ambiguous shade is "definitely close to our hearts," and over on the Discord website, it has described 'Blurple' as, "bold and playful".


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