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Luo Feng was ranked 68 on April’s ranking, which means he can only hunt monsters in the wilderness on the even days and stay in the camp during the odd days in May.

May 1st, around 4 PM.

The elevator door opened with a “DING” on the first floor of the Nine Grand Floors.

“Hm, yea, Luo Feng, your blade technique has lots of hope. You just entered the second state, so what you need to do now is stabilize it there until it’s almost perfect!” Jiang Fang walked out of the elevator door with Luo Feng, Janet, etc.

Luo Feng nodded as if he had his own plans ready: “Understood, teacher”

“Keep working at it!” Jiang Fang smiled as she encouraged.

After walking out of the gate of the Nine Grand Floors, Jiang Fang directly headed towards her living quarters. Luo Feng, Janet, and another Chinese youth also prepared to head towards their respective buildings.



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The repeated yells caused the three to stop and turn their heads. What they saw was the blond youth Candace who had quite the feeling of a gentleman to him. He swiftly charged out of the lobby of the first floor and smiled as he looked at Janet: “Janet, do you have any time tonight? If so, we could eat dinner together”

Luo Feng heard and said to himself: so he’s just trying to pick up girls.

There were very few female students in the elite training camp, so tons of people were chasing after each one.

“Oh, sorry, I’m going to eat dinner with Luo Feng tonight” Janet smiled sweetly and wrapped around Luo Feng’s left arm.

Candace’s expression froze.

Luo Feng froze too.

“Senior” Luo Feng looked at Janet. Janet was indeed very pretty and had a nice body. Her skin was extremely white, like an angel’s. During class, Janet had hinted her intentions several times and even asked to go on dates. Even though he never accepted any of her invitations, this senior didn’t back down at all.

Western girls sure are brave.

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But he already has Xu Xin……

“Janet!” Candace was a bit angry.

“Sorry Candace” Janet smiled as she closely hugged Luo Feng’s arm and walked away.

Candace’s face was extremely horrible as he watched Luo Feng and Janet disappear at the corner ahead. At this time, another boy walked out of the lobby of the first floor: he was indeed William.

“Candace, I already told you but you aren’t willing to believe! Many students in the training camp already know that Janet is interested in Luo Feng; she even asks him to go on dates with her. It’s way easier for a girl to chase a guy. They probably already slept on the same bed together. Why are you still chasing after Janet!” said William with dissatisfaction.


Candace clenched his fists and his face was green.

There were barely any female students in the training camp in the first place, and beautiful girls were even rarer! Who knows how many male students have had their eyes on Janet ever since she entered the training camp. Candace was one of those guys too. First, he liked her looks. Second, if he had a wargod wife!

Then even more people in the Paulinus family would support him!

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“This Luo Feng just had to have the same teacher as Janet. Since they’re together all day, there’s no helping the fact that they’ll end up together” William shook his head as he shrugged, “And teacher Jiang Fang usually only accepts Chinese people. Either that, or female students. Guys from the EU have no chance of becoming her students”

“I don’t believe that I won’t be able to get her!” Candace squinted and a cold light flashed across his eyes.


If a regular student dared to fight with Candace, then he would naturally have his own tricks to use. And he has already been in the training camp for three years and is on his fourth. As an old student that has been here for four years, he’s considered quite special to be able to get to around rank 40! He is quite confident that he can get into the top 20 during his fifth year.

Candace really didn’t care about the average student.

“Luo Feng! Fighting over my woman!” Candace was green from rage.

“Hold it in! Hold it in!”

The Dojo of Limits intentionally spread around the information of Luo Feng joining them: this news has already spread to each major country and organization. Candace was clear that Luo Feng definitely will eventually become one of the higher ups of the Dojo of Limits. Even the Paulinus family has to be careful when dealing with such a figure.

So, Candace didn’t dare to use his tactics.

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Candace could only keep his anger to himself. Enduring is an ability a successor to a large family must learn!

“It’s just fair competition. Janet will definitely become mine” mumbled Candace.


Right when Luo Feng and Janet went around the corner, they split up.

“Senior, I already have a girlfriend” Luo Feng couldn’t help but to admit that, in terms of looks, Janet was more beautiful than Xu Xin. In terms of strength and talent, Janet was a genius of geniuses.

“So what if you have a girlfriend. Even if you’re married I’ll still try to steal you over. Hmph, Luo Feng, your senior won’t give up” Janet smiled towards Luo Feng and headed towards her living quarters.

Luo Feng smacked his head.

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How did he encounter such a senior.

“I’ll stop thinking about this. Yup. There’s around two more hours until dinner, so I’ll go back and work on my blade technique. My blade technique already has the feeling of a thunderbolt. According to what the teacher said, I should try to perfect my blade’s current state” Luo Feng immediately rushed back towards Jiang-Nan pagoda and studied his blade technique in his underground training room!


To Luo Feng, the elite training camp was like a holy place to raise your strength. The best shortcuts to increasing your strength were here. Whenever you get confused about a concept, you can ask a teacher to clear things up. There’s even copied gravity rooms and training rooms designed to improve your blade technique, leading to a rapid increase in one’s skill.

Studying his blade technique, polishing up his technique, learning how to better control his power, working on the 《Nine Stage Thunder Blade》.

Every other day, he’ll personally hunt monsters in the wilderness.

Luo Feng’s every day was extremely helpful to him.

And Luo Feng always had a goal in mind: to reach a battle ability amplifer of 12 by August 1st! Although this goal was extremely, extremely difficult to reach. From the rewards given in the contract, one could understand just how difficult it would be to reach a battle ability amplifer of 12 in three months!

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But no matter how hard it is, he has to go for it.

The only thing Luo Feng can do is make the most of his time and improve every day!


Time flowed. With his entire body and mind immersed in the world of fighting, time passed quickly.

In a blink of an eye, it’s already July.

In July, it was unbelievably hot, yet the nights had a hint of cold.

In Jiang-Nan pagoda, Luo Feng’s study room.

A stick of incense was lit; the aroma that emanated around the quiet room was calming. Luo Feng himself was wearing a loose silk robe as he sat cross legged, Wu Xin Xiang Tian. He was currently absorbing energy for genetic energy to strengthen his body. Luo Feng’s countless cells were swiftly working like a factory. After the energy went through the cells, it transformed into genetic energy.

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The genes in the cells of a human change ever so slightly while absorbing genetic energy…… this change is extremely tiny, but it piles up over time. After a while, the body goes from fragile and weak to tougher than steel; its skin could even be firmer than diamonds. This is the amazing part of the human body.

After a while……

Luo Feng opened his eyes.

“It’s already July, July in just a blink of an eye” said Luo Feng to himself.

The Life and Death adventure begins on August.

The elite training camp allows the students to go home on January and February. For the other 10 months, nine of them are extremely safe, whether in the training camp or in the carefully watched #1001 city in the wilderness. In these nine months, deaths rarely occur.

The only dangerous month is August!

August is the month of the Life and Death adventure. At that time, all the students will have to leave the training camp, ride a plane towards a dangerous location, and adventure there for a month!

If these elite students don’t train themselves on the border of life and death, they won’t become great in the future. So the training camp especially took out the month of August to let all of these students train on the border of life and death! However, these students are quite powerful, so it’ll be hard to kill them. Even so, there is still around a 10% chance of death for the students in the training camp.

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“August is the Life and Death adventure, and it’s already the first of July”

“I still have a month. However, my battle ability amplifier is only 8.96, still far away from 12!” Luo Feng frowned.

Actually, Luo Feng’s improvement these two months was astonishing.

His blade technique ‘thunderbolt’ has completely formed already. His weapon is in the second state of ‘expert’ and almost perfect; even teacher Jiang Fang compliments him over and over!

His technique has completed stabilized in the perfect level.

The only thing that hasn’t been making progress is his 《Nine Stage Thunder Blade》’s fourth stage. Even though Luo Feng is able to control his strength much more delicately, he still can’t reach the fourth stage.

During May, Luo Feng’s tower of trials level reached 3.0. As for the A grade exam of the third floor, Luo Feng couldn’t even last ten seconds. Only until his blade technique formed and his perfect technique stabilized was he able to achieve a tower of trials level of ‘3.1’ at the end of May.

June, also at the end of the month, Luo Feng’s tower of trials level only reached 3.2.

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So, Luo Feng’s battle ability amplifier is 8.96.

To sum everything up, Luo Feng hasn’t been able to pass the A grade exam of the third floor in these two months. Know that even wargod teacher ‘Yang Hui’ only has a tower of trials level of 3.2. To be able to reach this level is quite exceptional already. However, Luo Feng’s greatest advantage is his fist strength level!

The《Nine Stage Thunder Blade》claims to be the world’s best technique for force exertions.

Other instruction manuals, even rank SS or S ones…

even if you complete them, you’ll only reach a multiplier of three or four.

And a completed 《Nine Stage Thunder Blade》gives a multiplier of seven! Right now, Luo Feng has reached a multiplier of 2.8, which is much stronger than many of the older students.

Even though Luo Feng isn’t too satisfied with himself, he’s quite famous in the training camp. Because in May, Luo Feng was ranked 56 on the black dragon ranking. In June, he charged all the way up to rank 48; the top 50! And Candace was only rank 40 during June.

Of course……

For Luo Feng, his body fitness level was the thing that improved the most!

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