How To Protect Your Car From Snow Without A Garage? (2023)

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A garage is an essential piece of equipment to have in your home since it protects vehicles from drastic weather changes, especially during winter.

With a garage, you’re protecting your car from snow which lessens the need for cleaning and checking up the engine.

However, for homeowners with no garage, how to protect your car from the snow without a garage?

To answer the question, we will round up all the different methods you can do to protect your car from the harsh snow.

Keep Your Wiper Blades Up and Standing

It might be weird to hear this, but standing up your car’s wiper blades is a big help to ward off snow from your vehicle.

The reason is, standing wiper blades can make de-icing in your windshield easier.

It also prevents freezing in your wiper and damage during ice removal.

By standing on your wiper blades, you’ll save effort and time to remove the snow from your car.

You’ll also save your car from damage if you park your car outside during the winter season.

Thoroughly Cover Your Car

If you don’t have a garage to protect your car from snow, simply use a car cover to shield the car from cold weather.

Covering your car can be one of the best protections you can do if you don’t own a garage.

A car cover serves as an umbrella to your vehicle to shield it from snow.

Once you have a car cover, the snow won’t directly affect your car.

But most importantly, buy weather and water-resistant car cover to have the best protection.

Avoid Parking in Hazardous Places

Since you don’t have a garage, another alternative way to protect your car from snow is to avoid parking it in hazardous spots.

You might be tempted to park your car under a tree, thinking the tree will shield it from snow.

(Video) 10 Winter Car TIPS & TRICKS you NEED to Know

However, the snow can weigh down the tree, causing it to fall into the car.

You won’t just encounter a snow cover in your car, but some branches might fall together with the snow.

As a result, a massive snowfall with branches can cause your car to get stuck in position.

Also, avoid parking near structures as some snow avalanches from the roofs, and other dangers can fall onto your car.

Although it may seem counterintuitive, park your car in an open, wide-spaced area at least 10 feet away from overhanging branches, power lines, and buildings.

Doing this will protect your car from damage from these external elements.

Check the Tires

Tires need to work hard, especially during the winter.

They are in constant exposure to extreme cold while driving through rough roads.

Imagine how tires can take a toll during this season.

Hence, make sure to change the tires into snow ones during winter since they are suited for freezing situations.

Another way to look after your tire during this season is to wrap them up in snow chains.

In this way, you avoid your car sliding and slipping in the streets, becoming an accident.

Make sure to find the perfect size and type for your tires.

Make Use of Windshield Covers

It’s frustrating to keep scraping out the ice from your windshield.

What if you could avoid doing it by purchasing a windshield cover?

Windshield cover can eliminate the extra step of scraping in a morning winter and protect it from debris breaking onto the glass.

However, if you’re cheap, you can place a towel over the windshield to protect your car from snow cover.

Just make sure to secure it tightly over the windshield as it might blow off from harsh winds.

Protect Your Car From Snow with Fixadoor Garage Doors!

Now that you know how to protect your car from the snow without a garage, follow the tips above.

Doing the tips above will prevent the stress on your car from snow, not to mention the hassle of de-icing on the windshield.

(Video) HOW TO properly store your CAR IN THE WINTER without a GARAGE. TIPS AND TRICKS

By covering your car, checking your tire, and parking in the right spot, you can protect your vehicle from damage from ice and snow.

However, we still suggest you own a garage to use the protection for your vehicle.

Aside from protecting it snow, you won’t have to deal with shoving off the ice near the tires and cleaning the car from time to time.

You will also protect your vehicle from potential damage from harsh snowstorms that a cover or windshield cover can’t do.

For garage door services and garage door repair, contact Fixadoor Garage Doors!

We will install a garage door to protect your car from weather conditions.

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Garages have been invented precisely to protect your car from damaging elements.

Strong winds, rains, hails, snow, and impacts from foreign objects can impair your vehicle.

However, not all car owners have the luxury of installing a garage.

If you can’t afford a garage, you might be wondering how to protect your car from snow without a garage.

While a garage remains the best way to keep your automobile safe, you can still secure your car even without it.

We’ll show you how you can protect your car during the winter season.

If you decide to build a garage for your car, contact us right away.

Our technicians at Fixadoor Garage Door can help you choose the most suitable garage door for your property.

No matter what garage door style you choose, we’ll handle the installation process from start to finish.

Call our local number for bookings and inquiries.

Cover Your Car

A snow cover is like a raincoat, only that it protects your vehicle from snow.

If you don’t have a garage, you can use a snow cover to keep snow off of your vehicle.

This cover is tailored to the form of your car, so it should protect every part of your vehicle.

(Video) TEST VIDEO: Will my new car cover surive the SNOW? Leader Accessories 5 layer weatherproof car cover

Since it also fits your car, it won’t get blown by the wind or carried by the snow.

Furthermore, this safety cover will not be damaged and incur a single scratch on your vehicle.

Once it stops snowing, you can simply remove the cover, shake off the remaining snow, and roll it for storage.

However, the downside of using a snow cover is that you can’t use it when driving.

Protect the Windshield

Snow builds up after some time and can become heavy for your vehicle, especially in the parts made of glass.

If you don’t protect your windshield, it may give in to the snow and break.

Given this, it’s not advisable to leave your car overnight when it’s snowing outside.

If you don’t have a full car cover, you must protect your car’s windows and windshield at the least.

You can use a glass cover to protect these areas.

Besides keeping the glass safe, covering the windshield will also save you from removing the snow buildup in the morning.

Consider Your Car Tires

You shouldn’t neglect to keep your car tires safe from the cold weather.

If you’re leaving your car in an open space, you should provide proper protection for your tires.

This is because the tires can get caught up in the layers of snow, and you’ll be unable to move your vehicle.

One remedy for this is to keep a spare tire in your car in case of emergencies.

You must also properly maintain your tires in the winter because the weather can strain them.

Replace your tires if you think they’re no longer working optimally.

Find a Garage Alternative

If constructing a garage is too expensive for you, you can look for cheaper alternatives.

Snow shelters are available in various stores.

It functions like garages to protect your car against snow and its damaging impacts.

Unlike snow covers, you don’t have to set it up every night.

(Video) Canadian-Winter Proof Car-Shelter (HEAVY DUTY)

Snow shelters are also flexible; you can quickly relocate them anywhere you want.

And once the winter season is finished, you can simply fold the snow shelter and store it inside your house.

Besides purchasing a snow shelter, you can also DIY a temporary garage.

You can build a home for your vehicle, so it’ll have a roof over its head during the winter and rainy seasons.

Expert Garage Door Installation in Canada

A garage is a must-have for car owners.

It is a protective shelter for your vehicle against damaging weather conditions.

Apart from snow, heavy rains, large hailstones, and strong winds can also impair your garage door.

Not to mention that impacts from foreign objects can damage your car too.

Furthermore, there is also the threat of burglars attempting to steal your car.

To prevent these mishaps, you should invest in a garage.

You also need a reliable garage door on top of this.

Call Fixadoor Garage Doors to provide you with high-quality garage doors.

Our licensed technicians can install any garage door style for your property.

Contact us anytime to get a free quote for our services.

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