Discord names: 150+ Best, Funny, Cool and Clever Discord names (2023)

Written by: Hrishikesh Pardeshi, Founder at Flexiple, buildd & Remote Tools.
Last updated: Aug 24, 2023

Some of the best Discord names that we absolutely loved are:

  1. JonSnow
  2. Scooby
  3. MysticMoth
  4. MelodicMantis
  5. Phoenix
  6. Saving_the_day
  7. X-Men

This comprehensive guide provides unique and creative ideas for choosing an interesting username on the popular platform. It covers a range of categories and wordplay to inspire the reader's creativity and help them stand out in the crowded Discord world.

Table of Contents

  1. What is Discord? Why is it so popular?
  2. What is a Discord username? Is it unique?
  3. How to set your name on Discord?
  4. How to change your name on Discord?
  5. Funny Discord names
  6. Good Discord names
  7. Cool Discord names
  8. Best Usernames for Discord
  9. Clever Discord names
  10. Cute Discord names
  11. Best Discord Names Idea
  12. Discord Server Names
  13. Best practices for using Discord
  14. Frequently asked questions

What is Discord? Why is it so popular?

Discord is a much-loved gaming chat (voice, video, or text) application that allows you to connect with millions of users and implement a large number of customizations to make your experience better. Some notable ones are muting certain people or formatting text in certain ways.

If you are an active Discord user and are a part of multiple servers, then you might be knowing that you can use a different name on every server. This really cool feature makes it possible to have an identity that is best suited for a particular server. However, it could happen that you're not in a rut and can't seem to find the best name to use. Worry not, though, as the below Discord names collection is just right for you.

Discord names: 150+ Best, Funny, Cool and Clever Discord names (1)

In the below sections, find some amazing ideas for Discord names. Whether you are looking for funny, cool, clever, or simply the best usernames for your Discord account, we've got it all. We've also covered some of the basics you need to know about Discord names. Do check it out and get creative mixing and matching or simply picking some names from the list.

What is a Discord username? Is it unique?

Your Discord username is the name that other members on the Discord server will identify you by. For example, ‘RemoteTools' is the username shown in the below screenshot. This is the name that will be seen by other members of the server.

However, Discord users cannot find you using just this name. This is because your Discord name is not entirely unique. Any member on Discord can use the exact same characters that you've used in your username.

Then do you always have to share an invite externally to connect with someone on Discord? No. To make each Discord username unique, Discord attaches a 4 digit tag along with the name.

This way, a user can search for another if they know the name (note that it's case sensitive) and the tag. The combination of the name and the tag then makes a user unique. This is displayed in the screenshot below. You can also find someone even if you don't know their tag.

Discord names: 150+ Best, Funny, Cool and Clever Discord names (2)

How to set your name on Discord?

Here's how to set your name on Discord:

  1. Install Discord and open the application.

  2. On the first screen shown, you will get an option to either log in to an existing account or register as a new user.

  3. When you select ‘Register', you can enter the email, username, and password you want to use with this account.

Discord names: 150+ Best, Funny, Cool and Clever Discord names (3)

You can also open Discord on your browser, press ‘Login' and you will be shown the same screen to either login or register if you need a new account.

When setting up your account, you can start with a cool username from the get-go. However, if at any time you wish to change it, then that's possible, too.

How to change your name on Discord?

As mentioned earlier, Discord allows you to change your name on each server.

To change your name on Discord,

  1. Simply type ‘/nick' into the text box

  2. Press the spacebar or ‘Tab' key

  3. Type in the new nickname you want to go with for that server.

Discord names: 150+ Best, Funny, Cool and Clever Discord names (4)

You can also change your Discord username at one go in case you do not wish to change it each time for every server you join. Here, you can find a detailed explanation on how to change your name and some other cool tips around your nickname on this blog.

Now that you have gone through the basics and know all that you need to about Discord usernames, it's time to pick one (or a few). The below list of Discord names is here to make this easier. Mix and match, add emojis, modify letters as you like.

Funny Discord names

Check out the funny Discord names below.

  1. Crap_bag

  2. PrincessConsuelaBananaHammock

  3. KenAdams

  4. We_Were_On_A_Break

  5. Carrot

  6. Potato

  7. OneLemon

  8. Couch_Potato

  9. Mr_Bean

  10. Toast

  11. Bloop

  12. ButterFingers

  13. You_ate_my_sandwich

  14. Peanut

  15. Mr.Meddle

  16. Galactic_President_Superstar_McAwesomeville

  17. Happy_Meal

  18. Lost_cause

  19. An_Idiot

  20. Jumbo_Dumbo

  21. Blooper

  22. Ice_cream_sandwich

  23. The_Big_Bang

  24. johnny_english

  25. piece_of_cake

Crank up the humor and tickle a few funny bones in your server by picking out from the list of funny Discord names!

Discord Names Generator

Click the button to generate a name:

Good Discord names

Here are some good Discord names:

  1. Batman

  2. Superman

  3. Spiderman

  4. Loki

  5. Thanos

  6. Aquaman

  7. WonderWoman

  8. CatWoman

  9. Jessica_Jones

  10. Angel

  11. Devil

  12. Sheldor

  13. Wolovizard

  14. Sersei

  15. Kitty

  16. Saint

  17. Rhythm

  18. Autumn

  19. Cuckoo

  20. Luna

  21. DJ

  22. SuperVillain

  23. LightSaber

  24. iron_man

  25. Hulk

You can never go wrong with the classics. These good Discord names are going to keep you in vogue regardless of the server or the time.

Cool Discord names

Here are some cool Discord names:

  1. 007

  2. Rain

  3. Ice

  4. Fire

  5. Wrestler

  6. Captain

  7. Lancaster

  8. Cool_Guy

  9. Cool_Girl

  10. Victor

  11. Champion

  12. Boxer

  13. Rocket

  14. Mystic

  15. Casanova

  16. Family_Guy

  17. Nemo

  18. JonSnow

  19. jack_sparrow

  20. Black_Pink

  21. Fabulous

  22. Scooby

  23. Blank

  24. Spacebar

  25. Ninja

If you are the ‘cool' cat in the gang, then make sure your name shows it. Set any cool Discord names above in your server and continue chilling.

Best Usernames for Discord

  1. PixelPenguin

  2. MelodicMoose

  3. TechnoTurtle

  4. MysticMoth

  5. ElectroEagle

  6. LunarLynx

  7. CrimsonCobra

  8. GalacticGiraffe

  9. NeonNarwhal

  10. StormyShark

  11. CosmicCactus

  12. PixelatedPhoenix

  13. AcidicAnteater

  14. ThunderousTiger

  15. RoboticRaven

  16. GlowingGazelle

  17. FieryFalcon

  18. DigitalDragonfly

  19. ArcticArmadillo

  20. MechanicalManta

  21. ToxicToad

  22. GalacticGorilla

  23. SparklingSalamander

  24. GlitchyGecko

  25. CosmicCoyote

  26. MysticMongoose

  27. ShadowySphinx

  28. ElectricElk

  29. PixelPanther

  30. RobotRaccoon

  31. FieryFox

  32. TechnoToucan

  33. MelodicMantis

  34. NeonNighthawk

  35. LunarLlama

  36. CrimsonCrow

  37. ThunderousThylacine

  38. AcidicApe

  39. GlowingGorilla

  40. PixelPuma

  41. CosmicCrane

  42. RoboticRat

  43. ArcticAardvark

  44. MechanicalMole

  45. ToxicTurtle

  46. GalacticGazelle

  47. SparklingSquid

  48. GlitchyGnu

  49. MysticMammoth

  50. ShadowyStag

Clever Discord names

  1. Life_Of_The_party

  2. Lifesaver

  3. Saviour

  4. McWhopper

  5. wild_heart

  6. TheDoctor

  7. Hero

  8. Ghost

  9. Unknown

  10. Bazinga

  11. Rocky

  12. Pilot

  13. Saving_the_day

  14. Anonymous

  15. Lost_soul

  16. Enlightened

  17. Comedian

  18. Icon

  19. MaD_mAn

  20. The_Government

  21. X-Men

  22. Hall_of_Famer

  23. TheClown

  24. Strange_Thing

  25. Chef

Show your wits and rule the discussion with these clever Discord names. Here's an idea: Adopt a different name every day and pique the members' curiosity.

Cute Discord names

Here are some cute Discord names:

  1. JohnnieWalker

  2. DarthVader

  3. Lucifer

  4. Hellcat

  5. Human Torch

  6. Trouble Coming

  7. Troll Guy

  8. BlackWidow

  9. TonyStark

  10. Blackpool

  11. Duke

  12. Shadow

  13. Dark_Knight

  14. The_Joker

  15. Storm

  16. Phoenix

  17. Shark

  18. Slayer

  19. Sultan

  20. Werewolf

  21. Catfish

  22. Thor

  23. StormTrooper

  24. The_Simpsons

  25. big_hero

  26. Killer

  27. Lion

  28. Snake

These cute, stylish Discord names will help you show off to your fellow server members.

Best Discord Names Idea

  1. Hostezza

  2. Avalon

  3. Bad Boy

  4. Titan Hunter

  5. Elysium

  6. Captain Olympus

  7. Gaia

  8. Frozen City

  9. Kratos

  10. Atretus

  11. VelvetCanyon

  12. The Blood Island

  13. Desolate Void

  14. The Hive

  15. Mushroom Kingdom

  16. Fire Bender

  17. Cyberpunk 9099

  18. Undead Zombies

Show you're the boss in any gaming server with these cool Discord names ideas.

Discord Server Names

Now that you have amazing username ideas, let's take it up a notch. For all your battles between servers, find some amazing server name ideas.

Pick these directly or match them with other words or game names of your choice to create a cool Discord server name.

To change your Discord server's name:

  1. Right-click on the name shown to the left of the screen. Now, go to ‘Server Settings' → ‘Overview'Discord names: 150+ Best, Funny, Cool and Clever Discord names (5)
  2. Enter a new name in the ‘server name' textbox and save the changes.Discord names: 150+ Best, Funny, Cool and Clever Discord names (6)

You need to be the owner or moderator of the server to make this change. Equipped with the knowledge of how to change a Discord server name, check out some ideas below.

  1. The Room

  2. Cool Zone

  3. Gamegod Lounge

  4. Thugs

  5. An Army

  6. Communitea

  7. Hulk Society

  8. The Clash Clan

  9. Smarty pants

  10. CStrikers

  11. Ape timers

  12. Ice agers

  13. Not Bob but the builders

  14. GlueScreen gang

  15. Minecraft legends

  16. Frooty loops

  17. Buzz Astro Men

  18. Pro league champs

  19. Speed definers

  20. Grim reaper tribe

  21. The ReDefiners

  22. Game changers

  23. Rebels

  24. FortThisNite

  25. Fire Spewers

Best practices for using Discord

Discord is a online platform where you meet absolutely random people and have no control to who can talk to you (since is common place to host public communities), there has to be some etiquettes and precautions of using the platform.

Here are ten best practices for using Discord:

  1. Be respectful and mindful of others in the community, avoid offensive or discriminatory language.
  2. Use appropriate channels for the topic of conversation to keep the conversation organized and easy to follow.
  3. Keep notifications under control by muting channels and servers you aren't interested in and customizing notification settings for specific servers and channels.
  4. Use voice chat in moderation and avoid shouting, background noise, or using push-to-talk if it isn't necessary.
  5. Avoid excessive use of emojis, excessive use of capital letters, and typing in all caps.
  6. Be cautious about sharing personal information with strangers on Discord and avoid clicking on suspicious links.
  7. Respect the server and channel rules set by the administrators and moderators.
  8. Engage in conversation and contribute to the community rather than just lurking in the background.
  9. Keep your username and profile picture appropriate and respectful.
  10. Have fun and enjoy the community.

Frequently asked questions

  1. What are good Discord names?

Good Discord names can vary depending on your interests and personality. It's important to choose a name that is unique, easy to remember, and reflects your personality or the purpose of your server.

  1. Is every Discord name unique?

Yes, every Discord name is unique. When you create an account, you have to choose a unique username and discriminator, which is a four-digit number that is added to the end of your username.

  1. What should I name my discord server?

The name of your Discord server should reflect its purpose or the community you are trying to create. You can be creative with your server name and use wordplay or puns to make it memorable.

  1. Do girls use Discord?

Yes, girls use Discord. Discord is a popular platform for gamers, but it's also used by people in a variety of other communities such as art, music, and technology.


What should my Discord name be? ›

Before we delve into epic username ideas, let's understand the qualities of a good Discord username. A good username should be memorable, relevant to your interests or niche, and easy to pronounce. It should also have a touch of creativity and originality to make it truly unique.

What is a unique Discord ID? ›

Every account has two methods for identification: the Discord username and your Discord ID. A Discord ID differs from your Discord username; it contains a unique 18-digit code string that doesn't change. Discord IDs publicly identify individual users, messages, Discord servers, and channels.

Why name it Discord? ›

The name Discord was chosen because it "sounds cool and has to do with talking", was easy to say, spell, remember, and was available for trademark and website. In addition, "Discord in the gaming community" was the problem they wished to solve.

How old is Discord? ›

Discord was publicly released in May 2015 under the URL discordapp.com. According to Citron, the only area that they pushed Discord into was for the Reddit communities, finding that many subreddit forums were replacing IRC servers with Discord ones.

What are some clever usernames? ›

Check out these funny usernames for inspiration, and you'll be racking up the likes in no time.
  • notmysundaybest.
  • soithinkicandance.
  • ivegottalent.
  • moshpitmomma.
  • twoleftfeet.
  • dancedanceresolution.
  • hold_me_closer_tiny_dancer.
  • holdmeclosertonydanza_
Mar 15, 2023

What is a Discord nickname? ›

While every Discord user has a set username, they can change their nickname (display name) in the servers they join. For instance, if you're a member of a Discord server related to an online video game, you may want to change your nickname to match your username in that game.

Can I use a fake name on Discord? ›

Keep in mind that even if you're going incognito with another nickname, anyone can still click on your User Profile and see your true Discord Username. The good news about nicknames is that normal Discord features that require you to know someone's username will still apply as normal.

Does Discord have nicknames? ›

Discord allows for a completely customizable user experience, so it's no surprise that you can give yourself a nickname for each Discord server you're in. This is handy when you use Discord for mixed purposes, such as gaming and business. Set a nickname in each Discord server based on the purpose of the group.

Is my Discord name taken? ›

First, visit the Discord Username Checker website. Click Check to start and wait for the process to complete. After that, the result will appear.

What is the most famous Discord? ›

The platform allows users to create or join thematic communities called servers, and as of May 2023, the Midjourney server was the most popular community on Discord, with almost 16 million members.

What is Discord named for? ›

This led to the development of a chat service with a focus on user friendliness with minimal impact on performance. The name Discord was chosen because it "sounds cool and has to do with talking", was easy to say, spell, remember, and was available for trademark and website.


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