11 Incredible AI Design Tools for WordPress (2023)

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With AI rapidly advancing its design capabilities and new AI design tools emerging every week, now is the time for web developers to get educated on and take advantage of the once-futuristic opportunities arising in the industry. To help get you started, we’ve collated 11 of the best AI design tools for WordPress.

We recently talked about how AI will affect the WordPress industry, and when it comes to design, it’s becoming a real game-changer: Artificial Intelligence help is at hand for all aspects of creation – from images and animations, to web design and more.

So, without further ado, here is our list of hand-picked (and seriously top-notch) options that are available now:

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  • Designs.AI
  • Bertha.AI
  • 10Web
  • CodeWP
  • Adobe Sensei
  • GPT AI Power
  • AutoDraw
  • Deep Art Effects
  • Let’s Enhance.io
  • Claid.AI
  • Canva

Please note that none of these are affiliated with us (WPMU DEV). We just found them to be excellent choices based on our research.

Also, we realize and acknowledge the controversy with AI at the moment. Any art or work used without compensation for or permission from the original artist is one area where AI can be deemed unethical. So, it’s essential to understand how to use AI art as ethically as possible.

It’s up to you to decide how to handle the ethical question and who to go with. Obviously, AI ethics, copywriting, and legalities are still being sorted out with this new technology.

(Worth mentioning here that if you’ve got design work to be done and you’d rather stick with humans at the helm, check out our Agency Partners directory. You’ll find a whole host of amazing options at the ready!)

With that being said, AI thinks it’s time to begin…

Best AI Design Tools


11 Incredible AI Design Tools for WordPress (2)

With its logo maker, Designs.AI uses 10,000+ icons from its library to create a logo suitable to your needs. It analyzes your brand information and, from there, will generate a logo. Opt for a complete brand identity package, including your logo, brand narration, business card mockups, and more.

One prominent feature is that it includes a logo editor, so it’s simple to customize your logo accordingly.

Regarding its video editing capabilities, Designs.AI can convert text to videos. It updates a library of fully licensed assets based on what you want. From there, you can edit however you’d like.

Finally, for design, its design maker is based on imputed text and a selected template. There are thousands of variations, custom fonts, and layout suggestions. Plus, you can resize your text and content in just a few clicks.


11 Incredible AI Design Tools for WordPress (3)

Bertha AI does a number of things, but when it comes to design, it can create images based on image descriptions with its Bertha Art feature.

You choose what styles you want to use for painting and images. Likewise, you can resize and adjust images however you want.


It’s a plugin that works well with the major page builders (e.g. Divi, Elementor) and is a tool used for cross-functionality of writing and art for your WordPress designs.

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The designs are created for banners, images in your web content, and blog articles. Additionally, you can use Bertha.AI for your brand imaging.


11 Incredible AI Design Tools for WordPress (4)

With 10Web, you can easily convert any website (e.g. Wix, SquareSpace) with the help of AI. It works by adding the URL of the site layout, and AI copies the layout, design elements, and content.

This saves hours of time and effort by simply having AI replicate a site, and then you can edit from there. The editing works with the 10Web platform, which is based on Elementor (you can read more about the process here).

It’s a headstart for website creation, starting with a few questions about your business. Then, AI generates content and images based on your answers.

And hey, it’s bound to save you time because this AI-powered WordPress platform can automate website building, hosting, and more in just a few minutes.


11 Incredible AI Design Tools for WordPress (5)

CodeWP works by asking its AI generator for help with anything, and it will create something for you. That includes WP_Queries, complex workflows, WooCommerce PHP – practically any snippet you need, which can overall help design function for your WordPress site.

The CodeWP system allows you to save, export, and share snippets publicly or with specific users. Once snippets are created, you can also easily manage and browse them.

It’s a great software option to eliminate Google searches and wasted time on trial and error. If you’re not a developer, it works as a helpful mentor. Or, if you are a developer, you can maximize your efficiency.

CodeWP AI is trained specifically for WordPress and WooCommerce, making it a perfect solution for backend building for your design functionality. Additionally, it’s rapidly growing, with new features every week.

Adobe Sensei

11 Incredible AI Design Tools for WordPress (6)

Adobe Sensei works to deliver the perfect customer experience by using AI. It helps developers and designers create easier, make informed decisions, and use target marketing technology.

Sensei optimizes and scales experiences with real-time intelligence regarding informed decision-making. Plus, it can predict customer behavior based on attributes, differences, and conversion factors.

When designing, you can create essential edits quickly and accurately, find the right content with intuitive search, and achieve photorealistic effects.

Sensei helps take the guesswork out of your advertising when creating a website promoting products or services.

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GPT AI Power

11 Incredible AI Design Tools for WordPress (7)

GPT AI Power is an AI plugin that generates customizable images, content, and forms.

One unique aspect of GPT AI Power is that it features integration in posts and includes a playground for testing. You can train your chatbot with your content and products.

The image generator uses content from OpenAI’s DALL-E and Stable Diffusion. You can create hundreds of configurations and customize the images according to your needs.

Additionally, there are a ton of content generators for blogs, languages, tone, product writing – and more.


11 Incredible AI Design Tools for WordPress (8)

AutoDraw is a straightforward tool that can create images based on what you’re trying to draw. Plus, it uses in-house artists – which is great ethically.

Though simplistic, you can easily design images that might fit well with whatever design you’re trying to create for WordPress. It pairs machine learning with drawings that can be done on a tablet, smartphone, or laptop – any device that allows you to make images.

It has a suggestion tool that uses the same technology as QuickDraw – to analyze and guess what you’re trying to create. Plus, you can contribute your drawings to them if you allow them permission.

Deep Art Effects

11 Incredible AI Design Tools for WordPress (9)

Need to create unique images for your website? Deep Art Effects can turn photos into art with just a few clicks. It enables you to edit the background or foreground using a variety of parameters.

Brush size and styles can be altered however you want, based on your favorite artists. They have 120 pre-installed art styles so you can use their application offline.

It will even color grayscale images automatically. For example, if you have an old black-and-white photo or video, you can bring it to life with its AI colorization technology.

Let’s Enhance.io

11 Incredible AI Design Tools for WordPress (10)

An excellent way to enhance images is Let’s Enhance. Let’s Enhance is an image enhancer and upscale that uses AI to increase image resolution without losing quality. Its intelligent algorithm will expand images to customized dimensions, all while optimizing the texture, tone, color, and clarity.

It works by choosing a desired output size. This is perfect for a WordPress eCommerce website so users can zoom in and out with high-quality images.

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With Let’s Enhance, you can save time with its automated preset feature. This is perfect for real estate, eCommerce, or any website with multiple images that need to be similar.

Also, its Smart Enhance feature allows you to clean up your images by making them clearer while maintaining their size.


11 Incredible AI Design Tools for WordPress (11)

For businesses and creating content that converts, Claid.AI is a great tool to use. You can automate image creation and boost your business with the help of these AI products.

For your brand, you can create multiple product images that are suitable. It will take boring, simple pictures and make them stand out by boosting their quality. Also, you can be consistent with uniform backgrounds and frames.

With Claid.AI, you can change a few variables to control and enhance your images, saving you time and money.


11 Incredible AI Design Tools for WordPress (12)

Canva offers many business solutions — from logos, images, templates, and more. And now they’re getting more an more involved with AI.

They feature a free online AI image generator, where you add words and phrases, and it translates them into images.

You can choose your image style (e.g. watercolor, neon, color pencil, etc.) and aspect ratio. Then, their photo editor allows you to fix lighting, exposure, saturation, and more. You can also layer with effects and filters.

Design with AI

As this post is published, new and emerging AI technology for design and WordPress is in the works. It seems that almost daily, some innovative AI feature appears. So, we’re bound to expand on our 11 recommendations. However, hopefully this article has helped spark some initial ideas that you can use with AI’s help.

Be sure to regularly check our blog for the latest updates regarding AI – for, as new AI technology keeps emerging in the WordPress spectrum, so too will new AI-related articles keep being published on our platform!

Are you using any AI technology for your WordPress designs? If so, let us know in the comments!

N. Fakes

N. Fakes Nathanael Fakes is a blog writer and cartoonist at WPMU DEV. He’s worked with WordPress for over a decade. Beyond WordPress, he’s a published author, syndicated cartoonist, and donut enthusiast. Connect with Nate on Instagram and learn more about his work on his comics website.

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